Tuesday, 1 January 2013

CNY slot are open for booking!!

Happy New Year to all! Welcome to 2013!!

Dear friends and customers,

It been a great 2012 for Candilicious Nails. Enjoy meeting customers whom become friends along the way.

My 2 permanent blogger Huirong and Audrey Lim are of great help since the day I engaged them to help me blog about my services. We have become friends and manicure session for both of them have become catching up session since they are packed with their work and part time studies.

I believe most of my first time customers who visited me, have a shock of their life when they first come to my place for nail services.

Personally I don't have the typical manicurist look which is are more feminine and stylist look. Some customers did commented that I will need to smile more in order to look friendly. Replied whattsapp message or SMS message with more smiley icon, love icon and etc.

Some questions which most of my first time customers will asked me during the nail services.

1. Why did you decided to become a manicurist/nail technician in the first place.
- Personally I did learn from a friend of mine for grooming my own pet dog(mini schnauzers) which I find I'm not good in handling scissoring works. Makeup and Facial is not my cup of tea too. While doing researching on the courses which I'm interested which happen to come across to see some nail design on web which caught my attention.

2. Is it very hard to learn all the nail art and the skill which you required.
- I'm quite a boyish person which I used to bites my nail since primary school and not good with arts. I always believe everyone can do anythings they wanted if they put in a lot of effort. I still remember my school principal shaking her head when she checking on the way I apply Red color polish on fake tips in the first few lesson. 

I wish for everyone to have a good health and have more positive thinking in year 2013.   


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