Wednesday, 31 October 2012

November Promotion!!!

Lack of updates for the month of October!

Dear Friends and Customers,

Sorry once again for the lack of updates for the month of October!

Busy with my nails course which I took at the first week of October. One full week starting as early from 930am till 530pm or 630pm daily. Those skill I'm learning are not for providing nails services in daily event. I'm learning it due to my interest plus always envy those competition artwork which my teachers, friends and other competitors submitted for compeititon event.

Below are some of the uncompleted work which I learn during the week. Really enjoy the class very much.

Going to work harder to finish them all.


Gelish - Sweet Floral and Cute Peter Pan Collar!

Acrylic Tips Extension for very short nail bed!

Gelish - Sweet Polk Dots with Bows and Blings!


Gelish - Cute Hello Kitty Sticker!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"Liked" and "Shared" Candilcious Nails Page in Facebook!

Simply "Like" and "Share" Candicious Nails Page and entitled to additional 5% off Gelish Services or Nail Art design for extendsion till 31/10/12.!/CandiliciousNails

Step 1: "Like" Candilicious Nails Page

Step 2: "Like" and "Share" Candilicious Nails

Step 3: Whatspp or Show the "Shared" screenshot when you book for appointment and before payment.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October Promotion!

Promotion for October 2012

Dear all customers and friends,

A $5 off for all Gelish services exclude Classic service.

Glitter Acrylic/Gel Extension @ $65.

Promotion till 31/10/12.

Acrylic Extension