Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New Picture for Gelish and Acrylic Extension

Sorry for the lack of update!

Dear all,

Sorry for the lack of update of my blogspot. Have been busy with a nail competition in KL during mid of July as I sign up for training in June. It been an eye opening experience for me during the competition. Didn't manage to win any medal but manage to find alot of good friends and people who are really enthusiastic on competition. Teacher and Judges who are willing to share their knowledge and give us all the points to let each of the competitor know where should we improve on to prefect or improve on our category for the competition.

I'm very grateful to my friends, my nail model, teachers and those who help me along the way before and during the competition.

I should said by taking part in this competition, it make me realise it really take alot of time, effort and money spend just to be able to seated on the competition area and getting ready for it.

That all for now!! Nail competition are really getting super addictives.